Private Investigators Scoop a Prestigious Adviser Award

North Court Investigations has earned a Leading Adviser award from the corporate finance industry’s seminal monthly magazine, Acquisition International.     The team of London private investigators were given this accolade in recognition of their exceptional work within the global corporate finance sector.   Matt Thomas, founder of North Court Investigations, said: “We are very

Private Investigators in London Catching Valentine Cheats.

With the shelves full of bubbly, expensive chocolates, designer cards and red roses, now is the one of the most likely times of year for a cheating partner to get caught out...

6 Tips to Help Discover if You Have a Cheating Partner

Are you concerned your partner may be cheating on you? Take a look at this quick checklist of 6 things to help discover if you have a cheating partner.   1.   Mobile devices. One of the main things in this day and age is the constant use of mobile phones and tablets. You may

Wolf of Wall Street Private Detective

The private investigator who was employed by Jordan Belfort, best known as The Wolf of Wall Street, played himself in the 2013 film starring Leonardo DeCaprio. Beau Dietl pictured below, was employed by Jordan Belfort to assist with security in the 90′s. He has since mentioned in the press that he knew nothing of Belfort’s

16 Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

Most individuals would never think to hire a Private Investigator. They aren’t just for catching out cheating partners or catching out fraudsters – Private Investigators can assist you in many different ways, at home and at work. At home You’ve met someone online – but are they who they say they are? Background checks can