Case Study: Background Checks

What was the nature of the Background Checks case?

We were recently instructed by a client to verify information given to her by someone she had met via an online dating site. Our client became suspicious after certain things she was being told did not add up with what she had previously been told.



We were given all the information from our client about the subject, which we were then able to verify. Our client had been told the subject was divorced, had his own successful business, had two children, had never been in trouble with the authorities, and was looking for someone to have a potential relationship with.

Our background checks revealed that some of this was indeed accurate, but the majority of it was not.


What was the outcome?

We were able to confirm that the subject was divorced and had two children. However, his successful business had been dissolved a year ago and he was disqualified from being a company director for a series of fraudulent activities. Further enquiries also confirmed that he had been charged for these offenses.


North Court Investigations are often instructed to verify people who clients have met online via dating sites. We always advise that a few checks are made before giving personal information to someone, to verify who exactly you are in communication with. Below is a list of the background checks we can undertake:


  • Address verification
  • Identity verification
  • Employment checks
  • Director searches
  • Disqualified director searches
  • News/media press release enquiries
  • Professional qualification checks
  • Professional association membership checks
  • County court and bankruptcy checks
  • Online social media verification


For your own safety, always make sure you know who you are talking with when chatting online. When you can’t be sure, we are here to help give you the peace of mind and confidence you deserve.


For confidential background checks you can trust, call North Court Investigations today on 020 3283 8741 or get in touch here.