Case Study: Corporate Investigations

What was the nature of the Corporate Investigations case?

Our client suspected a company director of misappropriating company funds. We were called in to determine the validity of this, and, if true, the extent to which criminal activity had taken place. In an initial meeting, we discussed the client’s case and the incidents that had led to his concerns being raised.


Our first course of action was to send one of our computer forensic officers to the company’s office, where he worked through the night searching for evidence of anything suspicious. The director thought he had been deleting emails and files from his work computer that wouldn’t or couldn’t be retrieved. However, what was eventually found by our officer was quite shocking. We located proof that large amounts of company money were being paid to a third party whom our client had no knowledge of whatsoever.

“What was eventually found by our officer was quite shocking.”

In addition to our corporate investigation forensics, we also had the company director put under covert surveillance for a period of almost two weeks. This proved that he was meeting with individuals during office hours whom his fellows directors were not aware of. This later turned out to be the third party who was receiving the large payments.

What was the outcome?

We then had a meeting with our client’s solicitors, who were presented with all of our findings from the investigation. At this point the Insolvency Service took over and undertook their own independent investigation. Evidence of where the misappropriated funds had gone were eventually confirmed. Because our client came to us to undertake corporate investigations based on their suspicions, we were able to build a case which ultimately helped the Insolvency Service with its own investigations.

Our computer forensic officer and surveillance officers gave evidence in Court to support their findings, resulting in the High Court issuing the director with a 10-year ban for his misappropriation of company funds, totalling £1.3 million. He is banned from forming, promoting or the management of a company for the 10-year period.

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