Case Study: Matrimonial Investigations

What was the nature of the Matrimonial Investigations case?

We received an enquiry from a male client who suspected his wife was talking to other men online and meeting up with them during the day.

He went on to explain that he worked away from home for up to three weeks at a time, which created plenty of opportunity for her to carry out this behaviour in his absence. He explained that his concerns were based on information he had regarding her use of online chat/dating websites.



The client asked if we could set up a profile on one of the dating sites he suspected she was using, to see if we could make some form of contact with her. We set up a profile which matched the instructions given by the client.

Within a couple of days contact was made with the female and it became evident that she was looking for more than just online conversation. We relayed the information back to the client who then asked if we could watch comings and goings from the marital home. We set covert surveillance on the property and filmed all comings and going over a four-day period.


What was the outcome?

During the four days of Matrimonial Investigations surveillance we gathered evidence of three different adult males visiting the address. Each visitor stayed for around two hours.

We compiled our report containing evidence of the surveillance and our findings from the online enquiries and forwarded it direct to our client.


How satisfied was your client with your service?

We very rarely hear back from clients after our reports have been sent. However on this occasion we got an email from the client thanking us for the information. He had confronted his wife, and she had admitted to what she was doing.

He didn’t go into detail about the reasoning behind her actions and we didn’t ask. He did go on to confirm he had moved out and that the marriage was over.

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