Case Study: Missing Person

What was the nature of the Missing Person case?

We were contacted by a gentleman in his 90s, living abroad, who wanted to find out the whereabouts of someone in the UK with whom he had not spoken for almost seventy years.



The gentleman was very close to the missing person but, due to circumstances beyond his control, lost contact with her for a number of years in the 1940s. When he was finally able to resume contact, she had understandably moved on with her life.

The gentleman emigrated, where he found happiness of his own. Over the next seventy years made a new life for himself, marrying and having children. Only recently did he begin thinking about the missing person again. He approached us wanting to know if she was still alive, and whether we could locate her for him.


What was most challenging about this case?

Due to the amount of time that had passed and the information available to us this proved difficult. Our client was certain of the dates that she had married, but he had no idea to whom, or where.


What was the outcome?

Ultimately we accepted the instruction, and were able to confirm to our client that the individual he sought had passed away in 2013.


How satisfied was your client with your service?

The client was disappointed to learn of her death; it had been his intention to either write to her or telephone her, just to say hello. Despite this, he was happy knowing that she’d had children and grandchildren, and that when she passed she wasn’t alone.

He was very grateful that we were able to put his mind at rest after all this time.

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