Case Study: Surveillance

What was the nature of the Surveillance case?


Back in 2010 we had a client who booked surveillance with us. The surveillance was undertaken successfully, and a report was given. We heard nothing back after this point until earlier this year, when the client got back in touch to say they were trying to trace someone else.


Why did they choose to return to North Court Investigations?


They told us that they had initially approached another agency because they were “somewhat cheaper” than us. This agency traced the individual to an address and undertook surveillance on this address, only to find the person was not actually living there. They had incorrectly traced the individual to this address, wasting the customer’s time and resources.

At this point the client revisited North Court Investigations, saying “I wish I’d come straight back to you.”


What was the outcome?


Within 48 hours of accepting the case we had located the individual – and confirmed they were living at a completely different address to the one pinpointed by the first agency!


How satisfied was your client with your service?


The client was very happy, saying in follow-up correspondence: “It is a relief to have the help of a professional”.

At North Court Investigations we make every effort to help our clients find the peace of mind they need to get on with their lives.

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