Cohabitation Surveillance

North Court Investigations have a specialist team of Cohabitation surveillance operatives and private investigators who operate throughout the UK. They can be deployed anywhere in the UK at short notice, ensuring that discretion is adhered to at all times.


With many specialist surveillance vehicles at our disposal ranging from cars, vans and motorbikes, North Court Investigations are able to remain covert at all times.


Proving cohabitation can be problematic to prove and cannot be verified by just a couple of nights of surveillance. With over 14 years of experience behind us we have produced many reports that have assisted our clients and in most cases the evidence we present prevents any further or possible court proceedings.


Cohabitation Surveillance


We always recommend that cohabitation surveillance takes place over a minimum period of one week.


Our operatives use the most up to date covert recording equipment which enables us to provide our clients with the most discreet and clearest of videos/photographs. All video and photo evidence is time and date stamped.


When the surveillance has concluded we will provide a detailed written report together with video/photographs. If requested our surveillance operatives can also provide a sworn affidavit to further confirm what was observed during the assignment.


If you would like to find out more about this service please contact us and we will be happy to talk you through how we can help.


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