Criminal Defence Investigations

Criminal defence investigations

North Court Investigations have professional and expert private detectives who can assist you with a criminal defence case.

If you are from a firm of solicitors and need extra help to ensure you give your client the best possible chance of a successful defence then we can help. Alternatively you may be the person who requires expert  criminal defence, if so we can help.

We can locate witnesses, interview witnesses or obtain evidence that can be used to support your defence.

Expert Criminal Defence Investigations:

Our criminal defence private detectives are ex-police officers who have the knowledge and expertise that is required when taking statements and providing evidence for the courts. Any surveillance that may be required is captured on time and date stamped video.

We will assign you your very own case manager who will ensure your case runs smoothly at all times. He/she will make sure we stick with and meet with time critical restraints, your criminal defence case manager will also ensure that you are kept informed of our findings every step of the way.

Dedicated Service:

By instructing North Court Investigations we will give your case maximum priority. You will have the piece of mind that we will have more time to dedicate to your case than perhaps solicitors, or indeed the police may have.

We will combine traditional investigative methods, such as tracing witnesses with more advanced and specialist procedures such as handwriting analysis or computer forensics.

Criminal Defence Investigations – Costs:

All criminal defence investigations are unique, therefore we tailor our fee structure to suit your requirements. You may prefer to work with a fixed fee retainer or you may wish to instruct us on a hourly basis. The choice is yours.

What Now?:

Give us a call or drop us an email, we will listen then advise on how we can assist. All communications with us are confidential. You can be sure we will act discreetly throughout the course of the investigation.