TSCM Services

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Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) Services


What would happen if someone unauthorised gained access to your company’s confidential information? What if your latest ideas ended up in the hands of a competitor? It would be a disaster, right?


This is why professional TSCM services is an imperative service for all companies. You need to ensure your pivotal company data is protected and safeguarded so that no one can gain access to your information, ideas, knowledge and confidential communications unless they are authorised.


Finding expert TSCM services is imperative, as you need a company that can keep up with the ever-changing world of covert surveillance. Technology changes by the day, with new devices regularly appearing on the market. You need a company who can adapt to this. Luckily, that’s exactly what you have with North Court Investigations.


Industries we work with:

  • Banks
  • Solicitors
  • Insurance companies
  • Airline companies
  • Football Clubs
  • Rugby clubs
  • Accountants
  • FTSE 100 companies
  • Private Individuals


Area we sweep:

  • Offices
  • Board rooms
  • Canteens
  • Changing rooms
  • Press rooms
  • Cars
  • Boats
  • Planes
  • Private dwellings


Our team of engineers and technicians are highly trained and qualified electronic engineers. They boast extensive experience at every level of both industry and government offices and they have an exceptional reputation. They will use their skills and experience, combined with a range of effective products and technologies, to guarantee that all of your data is protected.


In addition to the TSCM services we also undertake physical searches whilst carrying out a sweep. This is vital to a TSCM sweep and should only be carried out by an experienced and qualified electronic engineer. A physical search will cover false ceiling checks (if installed) together with a ‘fingertip’ search of the room(s) itself. These are the checks that will be undertaken:


  • Wall mounted sockets outlets
  • Digital telephone points
  • Disguised wiring
  • Cat 5 access points
  • IT equipment
  • Video & audio players
  • Furniture, including padding, filling cabinets, cupboards,
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Catering equipment
  • Smoke detectors
  • Briefcases, laptop bags etc
  • Digital telephone points


Any devices that are found during the sweep will be taken away and examined to see if we can establish the source of where they came from. Our engineers have expert knowledge in understanding how these devices are made and may well be able to help understand who planted the device


You can be sure that North Court Investigations has the capacity to detect and locate the most sophisticated bugging devices. Our service is discreet, professional and effective. If you want to discover more about it, including potential costs, just give us a call! And don’t forget, our solution is entirely tailored to suit your company’s specific requirements. We certainly do not operate a one-size-fits all service here!