Female Private Investigators

female private investigators at work


Female private investigators have, over the years, become ever more popular. Here at North Court Investigations we have ensured that we have the ability to offer clients the opportunity to choose. Female clients sometimes feel more at ease knowing that female private investigators have been assigned to their case.


Female private investigators are sometimes able to illicit information from other people more readily than maybe a male private detective can. There are some occasions where only a female detectives can deployed, where an assignment is gender specific.


We have recently conducted a Q&A session with one of our female private investigators, Chloe, to see what she had to say about her work:


Q.   How long have you been working as a female private investigator?

A.   Just over 7 years now.


Q.   What made you want to become a female private detective?

A,   It’s something that’s always appealed to me. I tend to think I am quite a nosy and inquisitive person, which I thought could prove useful.


Q.   Can you remember what your first assignment was?

A.   Oh yes, it was a matrimonial surveillance job in a central London hotel.


Q.  Did the client request the use of female private investigators?

A.   Yes. The client’s wife had booked into a hotel for one night. The client specified that he wanted a female and male to be assigned. The reason being was so that myself and the male operative could pose as a couple. This makes is so much easier for us to blend into the surroundings without any fear of compromising the situation. It can be quite weird being close with someone else pretending to be a couple, I guess it’s a bit like acting. We have to ensure we look like a real couple.


Q.   Can you remember what the outcome of the assignment was?

A.   Yes, we were able to confirm the clients suspicions.


Q.   What other assignments have you be on where the client has requested a female private investigator?

A.   Believe it or not Hen nights are a popular one. Imagine when there may be a group of 6, 8, 10 or even 20 ladies all dressed up on a night out together. Playing drinking games, attracting the attention of other men, perhaps a stripper has been booked in a particular venue. On cases such as this we will deploy female surveillance operatives only. They will be able to follow the group from bar to bar much easier than male operatives. Having male agents following a Hen party could compromise the evenings work.


Q.   I bet you’ve seen some interesting things whilst following a Hen party?

A.   I most certainly have, most of which I couldn’t say on this Q&A. (little wry smile)


Q.   Is it just surveillance that you undertake?

A.   No but it is the majority of what I do. I also serve documents on people, you know, things like divorce petitions, statutory demands and bankruptcy petitions. I’ve served all sorts of legal documents over the years.


Q.   Do you ever get nervous when you are on surveillance or process serving?

A.   Coming from a military background has helped, I like to think I can look after myself and being in the military helps build a person’s confidence. So in answer to your question No.


Q.   How many more years can you see yourself doing this job?

A.   I don’t know really, I’d never thought about that. I really enjoy what I do, every job is different. I’ve stayed in some of the worlds best hotels, eaten in some of the best restaurants and travelled to some really exciting places. Although on the other hand, I’ve been stuck in the back of surveillance vehicle for 18 hours. I’ve also had to sit in a wood for 12 hours to look out for poachers. So it’s not always posh hotels and flights, sometime it can be quite the opposite.


Q.   What do you prefer out of surveillance and process serving?

A.   Without doubt surveillance. I really enjoy the planning part of a surveillance job, compiling a file, understanding the background to the case, who the Subject is, where they might be going and ultimately what the objective is. Once I’m actually on the assignment I sort of go into a world of my own, only liaising with whoever is on the job with me. When we are active my only thoughts are ‘where is the Subject? what are the surroundings? who is with him/her? what are they doing? and where might they be going next’?


Q.  So you take your job that seriously?

A.   Of course I do. Clients can spend a lot of money on surveillance so it’s my job to ensure they get the best possible service. And I do genuinely believe that we, as a company offer our clients a first class, covert surveillance service. I also love what I do which helps massively as well.


Q.   Have any of the people you have followed ever sussed you out?

A.   Hand on heart…no. It is paramount that we do all we can to make sure this doesn’t happen. Planning the assignment is major part of ensuring we don’t compromise an assignment. Plan, plan, plan and execute the plan.


Q.   Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, I have two more questions, who is your favourite band and what is your favourite tipple?

A.   These are easy questions, Radiohead is my favourite band and red wine my tipple of choice (another wry smile).


We have changed the name of chloe to protect her identity.


If you need the services of a female private detective then get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. info@northcourtpi.co.uk or 020 3283 8741