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Handwriting Expert and Document Examination

Uncovering anomalies in paperwork is the key to identifying many frauds and resolving some disputes about financial transactions. North Court Investigations can help you to discover forgeries and unauthorised changes in contracts, with the help of one of the UK’s leading forensic handwriting experts.

We work with a fully qualified Certified Document Examiner who has experience of thousands of civil and criminal cases that involved disputed or unknown handwriting. Our  handwriting expert can analyse all sorts of documents and then provide detailed evidence in the form of court compliant reports.


Handwriting Analysis

Disputes that revolve around who wrote certain documents are difficult to resolve, but North Court Investigations‘ comprehensive handwriting analysis service can help. Our independent handwriting expert will undertake a scientific comparison of the document in question and handwriting specimens from the people involved.

After a thorough examination of the differences and similarities has taken place, clients will receive a detailed report that includes an expert opinion on the document’s authenticity. This type of handwriting analysis can be crucial in a wide variety of situations, including identifying the author of hate mail, settling disputes between business partners, employment tribunal claims and even major frauds.


Signature Analysis

Thousands of civil and criminal cases each year hinge on identifying who actually signed a document. Signature verification can be the deciding factor in investigations into mortgage, cheque and benefit frauds, along with disputes about wills, contracts and patent documentation.

North Court Investigations’ independent handwriting expert is one of the UK’s leading authorities on signature analysis and has vast experience of providing reports for solicitors and private individuals. During a comparison of the disputed signature and a verified specimen, our expert will look at minute details, such as slant, fluency and the shape of letters, in order to ascertain whether or not it is genuine or a forgery.


Document Examination

As a qualified Certified Document Examiner, our handwriting expert also has extensive experience of spotting irregularities that indicate disputed paperwork has been altered. While changes made in handwritten documents may be invisible to the untrained eye, a handwriting analyst can establish whether important information such as dates and figures have been altered.

Document examination can also help to establish the authenticity or identify the author of typed work. It is often possible to link documents to particular printers by closely studying the typescript.


To discover more about how our handwriting expert, signature analysis and document examination service could help you, call North Court Investigations on 0800 567 7006 or get in touch via email.