Matrimonial Investigations and Surveillance

Matrimonial investigations



Matrimonial Investigations


Do you suspect your partner is cheating? If so, North Court Investigations matrimonial investigation and surveillance service will get the answers you need.


A lot of people go through the phase of thinking their partner is cheating on them and being unfaithful. Thankfully in most cases suspicion remains just that. But, it can become impossible to lead a normal life without having definitive proof either way. If you have suspicions then take a look at our 6 tips to help discover if your partner is cheating, this may help you decide whether our matrimonial investigations service is what you need.


The findings we provide will either give you peace of mind or the facts you need to take up the issue with your partner and potentially move on.


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North Court Investigations is the obvious choice for matrimonial investigations. We use a varied array of specialist services to gather evidence. This includes surveillance, computer forensics, online social media investigations and various other investigation tactics. Our detectives boast many years of experience and have been specifically trained in matrimonial investigations. There is no one better to get to the bottom of your partner’s changing behaviour.


Matrimonial surveillance is one of the key services used when someone suspects their partner is cheating. We will discreetly track their movements to see if they are really ‘away on business’ when they say they are. Once the investigation is complete we will provide you with a detail report of all the facts. Our findings will be backed up with solid evidence, including date and time stamped photographs and a DVD.


Our private detectives and surveillance operatives all have HM Forces experience and years of covert surveillance assignments behind them. You can be assured that when you instruct North Court Investigations to monitor your partner that it will be done in a discreet and effective manner.


We have helped many clients over the past 15 years who have had doubts over their partner’s fidelity, and thus you can be confident we have the capability to handle your case – no matter how unique it may be.


Contact us a call today to find out what we can do for you! We know using a private investigator can be daunting, but our friendly and professional service will put your mind at ease!