Get peace of mind in 2020 with a matrimonial investigation

If you have been living with the nagging doubt that your partner is cheating on you, it can really cast a cloud over your whole life. Many people think they can carry on as normal and put any suspicions to one side but this is rarely possible. As 2020 comes into view, you should really

The truth about vehicle tracking

If you have been noticing the tell-tale signs of a cheating spouse and want concrete evidence or peace of mind, many suspicious spouses turn to GPS tracking. GPS tracking is becoming more and more common in everyday life, whether it’s for tracking treasured belongings should they be stolen, or using these devices to safeguard toddlers

Infidelity investigations by North Court Investigations

There is no right time for you to think your spouse or partner is cheating on you. But during the festive season, it can be especially tricky as there is a lot more opportunity for things to happen without you being aware. On the one hand, they could be acting oddly because they are looking

3 surprising services that a private investigator can help with

Most people think they know everything about private investigation firms and what sort of services they offer. While some services like background checks and infidelity investigations are still very popular, you may be surprised at just what else a private detective can help with.Here are three useful services that you may want to take advantage

The truth about polygraph tests AKA lie detectors

The accuracy of polygraph tests has been disputed since the day they were invented. We often see them in popular culture, crime dramas and reality television, but how do they really work? Can they go wrong, and what do the results really mean?  Often used in infidelity investigation, polygraph testing is still a popular method