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3 surprising services that a private investigator can help with

18September, 2019

Most people think they know everything about private investigation firms and what sort of services they offer. While some services like background checks and infidelity investigations are still very popular, you may be surprised at just what else a private detective can help with.

Here are three useful services that you may want to take advantage of but perhaps did not know existed:

Christmas party surveillance

One of the more surprising things that a private investigator can do is keep tabs on a spouse who is suspected of cheating at Xmas parties. The most common use of this is at their work’s Xmas bash where any suspected affairs with a colleague may be plain to see. A private detective can easily blend in at the bars and clubs where works parties often take place in a way that is extremely covert. This gives them the cover to see what a cheating spouse gets up to and record the evidence to present to their partner.

Handwriting checks

Fraud can come in many forms and the forging of signatures is still as common now as ever. This could be to authorise a financial transaction, a sale or simply to change a legal document for nefarious reasons. You may not realise but a private investigation company can help to spot any anomalies in signed documents and work with handwriting experts to clarify where they may be an issue.

Cohabitation investigation

Another service you could find useful at some point is cohabitation surveillance. This is usually needed when two people divorce and one receives money from the other to live as part of any agreement. Most agreements though have clauses in which dictate that any financial support is not required if the person receiving it is living with another person. If you suspect your ex of breaching these rules, then you could hire a private detective to gather the proof you need.

Let North Court Investigations help

If you need any of the above services, call North Court Investigations today. With over 20 years’ experience behind us, we have a team of qualified agents across the UK to help gather the evidence you need. All our investigations are treated with total confidentiality and we have a proven track record of success. Get in touch for more details.