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6 Tips To Help Discover If You Have A Cheating Partner

20November, 2014

Are you concerned your partner may be cheating on you? Take a look at this quick checklist of 6 things to help discover if you have a cheating partner.

Picture of cheating partner


1.   Mobile devices. One of the main things in this day and age is the constant use of mobile phones and tablets. You may have noticed that your partner has recently become very protective of these devices? Have they started to take their phone with them everywhere they go? Have they started to text or receive texts during the evenings? Have they recently protected their devices with passwords, when before this is something they have never done?

2.   Change of behaviour. Have they recently become very withdrawn and no longer seem interested in life at home? Has your partner recently started to ‘go out with friends’ on a more regular basis? Have you noticed that they have been coming back from work later than usual or  being asked to do more overtime? Have they become very short tempered or perhaps more loving than usual?

3.   Making more of an effort with their appearance. One of the big tell tale signs that your partner may be cheating is when someone starts to think about the way they look. Have they recently started to buy lots of new clothes? Perhaps a change in perfume or cologne or perhaps they never used to bother? All of sudden they may have joined a gym? When coming home from work do they jump in the shower straight away?

4.   Spending more money. When you look at your joint bank statement, have you noticed more money going out of the account than would normally? Do you not recognise some of the transactions? Perhaps they have started to draw more cash out of the account from cash machines? Have you recently found receipts that you do not recognise?

5.   Lack of or increase of sex drive. Has your partner recently started to become more distant and uninterested in sex? Alternatively they may now pester you for sex whereas before this is something they didn’t do? What was once a very intimate relationship has just kind of drifted apart?

6.   Your instinct or gut feeling is telling you. It is not uncommon for people to just ‘have that feeling’ that something isn’t quite right.


All of the above are signs that clients have told us about before, if you experience any of the above then perhaps you need to confront your partner in a calm and collective way. If you do, monitor their reaction and listen to what they say and how they behave.

Calling a private investigator always tends to be the last option but nevertheless it is an option that will assist in you becoming aware of the truth.