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A Day In The Life of A Private Investigator

25October, 2018

Contrary to what the media may portray, private investigators don’t always stay in high-class hotels and are not always involved in dangerous, exciting exploits. Although trailing a person (a prevalent task for private investigators hired for cheating spouses) is common occurrence for this job, it’s not as glamorous as most people think.

Gathering facts as evidence for their clients involves a lot of hard work and skill and often takes hours and hours of waiting whilst on surveillance. The duties often vary and every job is different from the last. To get a glimpse of what occurs in the life of a private investigator,please read on.

Having an unpredictable schedule

The hours and duties of a private investigator may vary from one day to the next. Sometimes, they have to work on weekends and holidays depending on the needs of the clients. Nevertheless, their typical day may include meeting with clients and conducting surveillance.

Variety of work

Besides doing investigations related to criminal activities, private investigators handle a variety of requests from clients. They can be hired by insurance companies to look into suspected cases of fraud.

The all-important brief

Private investigators start their typical day with the client brief, which is usually passed to the surveillance manager, then to the rest of the team. This is a crucial part of the investigation, as it contains the case specifics and the client’s objectives. Only after receiving the brief can the private investigators start their surveillance.


Every private investigator should have the ability to blend into their surroundings to avoid being suspected by the subject of their investigation. In addition to this, they also need to have advanced equipment and tools to engage in a successful surveillance. Through surveillance, private investigators try to obtain the overall picture by documenting his activities and obtaining evidence which will be beneficial for the success of the entire case.

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