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Background checks when in a new relationship

26June, 2019

Embarking on a new relationship is exciting and joyous. Finding that one person to share your life with until you grow old is so very special. But what if you begin to have doubts about who they really are, especially if you met online? Are they really single? Do they work in publishing? How do you unearth the truth?

When you use a private investigator to carry out a series of background checks, you will have peace of mind in knowing that your new partner, who you met via internet dating, really is who they say they are. Below we explore what is involved in undertaking background checks when you have suspicions about a new partner. 

Where they live

Have you never been to their home? Do you think they might be lying about their address? A private detective will carry out background checks to find out where they live now and where they have lived in the past. The background check will also unearth if they actually own the property. 

Credit history

If you have concerns that they may be in debt, then rest assured that the background check will be thorough and will find out if they are in debt, if they have ever been issued with a County Court Judgement (CCJ), or if they have ever been declared bankrupt.

Past relationships

If you have doubts concerning the fact that your new partner may still be married, or even living with someone, then background checks can search for this information. Background checks will find out all aspects of your partner’s marital and divorce history.

To learn more about our background checks service, give us a call today.