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Digital Infidelity – What Is It?

24May, 2019

The internet and social media have made it easier than ever before to keep in touch with and meet people. It has also blurred the line between what is considered cheating and what isn’t.

We all know that meeting up with exes or a new partner behind our significant others back is not right, but what about exchanging messages or emails in the digital world?

What Is Digital Infidelity?

Digital infidelity is defined by a Private Investigator as secretly engaging online, overstepping the boundaries of your relationship behind your partner’s back. This can be anything from chatting flirtatiously, sending nude or inappropriate photos or even forming an emotional bond with someone online. The screen may be separating you from that other person but that barrier can easily slip and become real infidelity in a matter of seconds.

Signs Of Digital Infidelity

Now that you know what digital infidelity is, it’s time to look at the signs, and when to conduct any type of Private Investigation.

The first sign is your partner being more secretive, asking for privacy and not spending as much time with you as they did before. Because it’s all digital, they may start to spend more time being online and become much more secretive about their online activities.

What To Do When Digital Infidelity Is Suspected

Being suspicious of your partner committing infidelity can be really damaging to a relationship. In the first instance, you should try to talk to them to see if there is a reasonable explanation for why their behaviour has been changing.

If your partner denies any sort of infidelity but the behaviour carries on then it may be time to start an Infidelity Investigation. Using a Private Investigator can help you to conduct a discrete but professional Matrimonial Investigation and discover who your other half may be interacting with offline and online.