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How can corporate surveillance help your business?

30July, 2019

If you own a business or are the CEO of someone else’s, you have the responsibility for making sure it is well-run and successful. But what if you were not the problem? What if a member of staff or senior management colleague was suspected of being involved in dishonest or illegal activities? If you find yourself having these suspicions about someone you work with, then corporate surveillance is the answer.

What is corporate surveillance?

In simple terms, it is the practice of covertly observing someone who you believe is behaving in a way that may harm your business. Naturally, you will not have the necessary skills or equipment to do this personally, which is why calling in a professional investigator is essential. A professional investigation firm will have trained and experienced staff to handle this for you. 

But which situations can it help in specifically?

Prevent the stealing of secrets

For many businesses, their confidential business plans are what help them to succeed. If these details are being handed to competitors to use against you, then you have a problem. Corporate surveillance is ideal if you think a member of your team is involved in this kind of activity.

Cut back on false sick leave

While you will have staff who genuinely need time off sick, you may suspect someone of doing this fraudulently. If someone is off on long-term sick leave but you have doubts if this is true, corporate surveillance can help. By covertly observing the person claiming to be unable to work, you can soon find out if their claim is genuine or not.

Combat theft

This solution is ideal if you are finding company stock is going missing from stores or staff are having valuables stolen from offices. By employing a private detective to look into the matter further, you will soon see who is to blame.

Outstanding corporate surveillance with North Court

At North Court Investigations, we help out businesses both in the UK and abroad. Our team of highly trained and experienced investigators will provide a full report along with evidence once the surveillance is complete. Call today on 0800 567 7006 or drop in for a confidential chat at one of our UK offices.