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Multinational Company Instruct North Court Investigations

03August, 2016

North Court Investigations were recently contacted by a business with offices in London, US and throughout Europe. The initial approach was by phone where a brief discussion took place and a meeting was arranged at our offices in London.


The concerns were relating to certain senior staff members suspected of selling confidential company information to the press. Once we had a better understanding of what their suspicions were and why the suspicions came to light, a plan was put in place, involving our private investigators in London, Dublin and the US.


Corporate investigations


During the meeting we discussed many services that could be utilised to ensure we can find out if the company’s concerns are correct. The services discussed were surveillance, computer forensics, Mobile phone forensics and handwriting analysis.


It was agreed, after discussions, that the first step of the investigation should include surveillance and an element of background investigations so that we can establish the movements of the suspects and their lifestyles etc. It was agreed that computer forensics should then be used to check data on workplace computers and mobile device that are supplied to the suspects by our client.


We are still in the planning stage of the investigation and we estimate our enquiries and surveillance will start within the coming days.


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