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Corporate Surveillance in Demand During London 2012 Olympics

07August, 2012

Our London 2012 surveillance Private detectives have been working around the clock for our corporate clients throughout the City to ensure that those staff members who are currently off work due to illness, really are in fact unwell.

With an estimated extra one million extra people taking to the streets and using public transport everyday during the London 2012 olympics our corporate clients have been taking steps to make sure that staff members are not taking advantage of the feel good factor of the games and having time away from work or being off sick.

So far since the start of the London 2012 olympics we have discovered that four employees from 3 separate clients, who have been ‘off work sick’, have in fact volunteered themselves to help with the olympics and have been witnessed wearing official olympic guide clothing.

Our evidence has since been handed to the respective clients for them to decide on what action to take. The feeling we get is that if staff members wanted to have time off to be part of the olympic scene, then all they would have had to do is make a formal request to their employer who, in turn, would no doubt allow them to do so.

The fact that staff members have taken it upon themselves to ring in sick and not be truthful has led to many of our clients to take action. Having staff members take time off without notice costs businesses around the UK millions of pounds every year, so it’s only right that companies take action.

We have nicknamed our private investigators the London 2012 Private Detectives purely because all they have been doing is working the streets of London during the past week. They have been following mainly on foot which has given them the chance to take in the Olympic atmosphere. However, saying that, they have had to have been much more alert due to the number of people in London at this time.

We currently have a team in Hyde Park following someone who should be at work, we have had information from the team saying that they have never seen London so busy and that trying to follow someone wearing a Union Jack t-shirt together with thousands and thousands of others really is a very difficult task indeed.