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North Court Investigations on Radio Solent

09September, 2015

On September 2nd, Director of North Court Investigations Matt Thomas was invited to speak with BBC Radio Solent Paul Miller for Paul’s Mystery Job feature. Mystery Job is regular feature where listeners are encouraged to call in and guess the guest’s profession through a series of revealing questions.


Matt made a challenging but sporting guest, answering “yes” and “no” to a number of questions, ranging from general queries about uniform, shift patterns and protective clothing to more specific, targeted questions as listeners narrowed down his profession prospects.

After listeners had successfully guessed Matt’s profession, he spoke to Paul about his experiences with private investigation. These ranged from his personal route into the profession to the kinds of work that private investigation typically involves, and where the industry is heading in the future.

In particular, Matt was keen to welcome the changes to private investigation regulation, including new licensing, which he hopes will improve public confidence in the private investigation industry.

Matt had a great time talking with Paul and his listeners about his work.

To listen to the whole segment with Matt and Paul, click here.

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