Private Investigators Help Crack Botnet Gang

One of the worlds biggest and most prolific networks of virus infected computers has been smashed by private investigators specialising in computer fraud. The Marisposa Botnet first appeared online in December 2008 and during the last year or so it has managed to infect approximately 12 and a half million PC’s throughout the world, mainly

Liar Liar – The Polygraph Lie Detector

1945 was not only a great year because it produced the end of the second world war it was also historic because it was the year John Reid also produced a machine that would set the standards for lie detectors that are still being used today. The history of lie detection actually goes back centuries

Mothers Family Employ Private Investigators

A British man is preparing to hire a team of private detectives to help solve the mystery of his mum’s death on a Greek holiday island. Michael Porter is aiming secure the necessary funds to employ the private investigators in a bid to discover what circumstances led to the disappearance and subsequent death of his mother,

Peace of Mind Private Investigation Services

The role of the private investigator in the UK has certainly developed over the years and very much like other industries it has become quite reliant and dependent on technology as well of course, the aged old, right characteristics for the job. Modern society often brings along situations and circumstances that make life a stressful

North Court Tree Planting Month

North Court Investigations will plant a tree for every assignment taken on during the month of February. This will amount to between 45 and 55 trees being planted by The Breathing Planet. North Court have been working with The Breathing Planet since August 2009 and have already reduced the company’s carbon footprint. North Court Investigations