The American Private Detectives

Hollywood has had a love affair with the private detective for years. The Private detective mystique is that of doing stakeouts, being jaded and scruffy, the ex-cop turned PI and always on a case with intrigue and danger. In real life the Private Detective can be seen performing various tasks and in certain situations, be

Matrimony Detectives – Specialist Private Investigation Services

When a person suspects their spouse of cheating it is never an easy thing. However, when it comes time to find out whether or not the spouse is cheating it is much better to allow a professional firm of matrimony detectives to confirm the suspicions. Using a professional removes the emotion the suspicious spouse harbours

Merry Christmas From North Court Investigations

North Court Investigations would like to wish all it’s client a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 2009 has been a very good year for North Court with 5 additional offices opening around the UK. It is planned that further offices will open during 2010 as part of the company’s expansion plans. With private investigators

Risk Assessment Lands Private Investigator in Hot Water

Conducting surveillance and risk assessments by tailing individuals requires specialist skills and the highest standard of discretion in order to ensure you gather the required information but at the same time leaving the subject of the surveillance unaware of the operation. Unfortunately a recent surveillance operation conducted by a private investigator from Ireland left him

Nationwide Surveillance and Private Investigation Services

From time to time things go wrong and incidents can happen that require specialist investigation and professional attention. At North Court Investigations we understand the importance of discretion and the need for results at the earliest opportunity. We have built a solid reputation for delivering such as service and now our private investigation company  has developed