Korean Law Makers Turn Private Investigators

With the world in economic turmoil and what seems like a never ending news production of scandal and dishonesty it seems political scandal is not restricted to the UK. In Korea it seems even the lawmakers themselves are not adverse to committing a little corruption while others find themselves pretty proficient private investigators and this

I Owe it to the Family

A popular route of employment for retired police officers has often been private investigation where they can utilise their long standing and valuable detective skills within the private rather than public sector workplace. This week a police officer facing such retirement has made an amazing promise that he will keep working within the force as a

US Clamps Down on Fraudulent Claims

According to statistics in the US almost sixteen thousand accidents happen in the work place every single day across America with most of the injuries being covered by workers compensation. In fact 192 million employees are reported to be protected by such compensation schemes. Unfortunately with such matters the genuine claimants are often very much

The Body in the Bushes

13 years ago Melanie Hall mysteriously disappeared with no trace and despite in depth investigations by police and private investigators what happened to her remained a mystery until this week when the remains of a woman found on a motorway slip road where identified as that of Melanie. At the time of her disappearance a

What the Eye Doesn’t See

Private investigators and the police often have to under take the difficult task of communicating with and understanding those they speak to in a manner the untrained eye will take for granted, a well trained and experienced private investigator or police officer can often make judgments on the people they encounter from what they see