What the Eye Doesn’t See

Private investigators and the police often have to under take the difficult task of communicating with and understanding those they speak to in a manner the untrained eye will take for granted, a well trained and experienced private investigator or police officer can often make judgments on the people they encounter from what they see

American Idol Star Employs Private Investigators

Last Years American Idol finalist, Adam Lambert, is alleged to have hired a firm of private investigators to help find and identify an over obsessed fan of the pop star who is believed to have hacked into the stars voicemail system and also some of his email accounts. Lambert is reported to be angry that

North Court Reach Expansion Plans for 2009

North Court now have two offices in London, the first opened on Harley Street in April this year and the company have just opened another office located in the City of London at Tower 42. The decision to open an office at Tower 42 came about so that the company are situated in a prime

Private Detective for Kerchers Killer

The man convicted of murdering young British woman Meredith Kercher has now taken steps to hire a private detective in a bid to clear his name of the conviction. Rudy Guede, 22, originally from the Ivory Coast was given 30 years imprisonment for killing the Coulsdon student in the well publicised case in Perugia, Italy.

Jailed Private Eye Facing More Charges

A former high profile Hollywood private eye Anthony Pellicano who is already serving a fifteen year jail sentence for illegal phone tapping is now facing more charges that could lengthen his time in jail. Pellicano was born in 1944 also served time in jail for the illegal possession of firearms, explosives and home made grenades