Social Media Investigations

How secure is your social media profile? Social media platforms are becoming increasingly popular as they make communication between friends and family more accessible. Nowadays, there are so many different platforms available to us all, with three of the most popular being Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. New social media applications have also entered the market,

Top 7 reasons to hire a private investigator

Why should you hire a private investigator? There are all kinds of reasons why you might hire a private investigator. The only common thread between cases is the fact that our clients are worried or concerned about something. First and foremost, private investigators are there to help you get to the bottom of an issue

Background Checks: What Do They Reveal?

Background checks are a necessary endeavour to help individuals and businesses make informed decisions about people they’re considering hiring or trusting with particular privileges. Before the offer for a job, loan or business transaction can be made, institutions need to do background checks to ensure the person they are starting a relationship with is trustworthy,

North Court Investigations on Radio Solent

On September 2nd, Director of North Court Investigations Matt Thomas was invited to speak with BBC Radio Solent Paul Miller for Paul’s Mystery Job feature. Mystery Job is regular feature where listeners are encouraged to call in and guess the guest’s profession through a series of revealing questions. Matt made a challenging but sporting guest,

Do Private Investigators Need To Be Licensed?

Private investigatory law is currently undergoing a period of change. In order to make it better regulated, licensing laws are being tightened so that agencies are more closely monitored, and can be held more accountable for their actions. Why is licensing so important? Private investigation requires a position of trust between investigator and client. Typically,