Signs That Indicate a Husband or Wife Is Cheating

It’s something that shouldn’t happen but occurs in too many relationships. Maybe it starts with a vague sense that something is awry. Maybe it’s a subtle change in behaviour that you can’t put your finger on. While you may hope your husband or wife isn’t cheating, there comes a time when peace of mind requires

Under What Circumstances Is a Missing Person Presumed Dead?

When Can A Missing Person Be Declared Dead?   Usually, when a person dies, their body constitutes evidence of their death. This makes it a straightforward matter to register the event using a doctor’s certificate to record the cause of death.   But in circumstances where no body exists, such as the case with missing

What Is Discovered In A Typical Background Check?

  Many UK companies are now using background checks as part of their initial hiring process, but what exactly are they looking for? This article looks at what a background check can reveal about your personal history and past employment, and what legal limitations are put on background checks and hiring practices.   First off,

What Are The Popular Apps Used By Cheating Spouses?

Are you left wondering if your spouse is being completely honest with you? It is not unusual to have these concerns, especially with 25.4% of men and 18.3% of women having cheated with their partner at least once whilst married. Technological developments haven’t helped this worrying statistic either, as new social and dating applications are

How To File A Missing Person Report

The disappearance of a relative or friend can be an incredibly stressful and traumatic experience. The panic of not knowing where that person is can lead to rushed and scurried decisions which aren’t effective. The important thing to note is that you don’t have to wait 24 hours to report a missing person; many TV