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Private Investigator Reveals How To Spot A Cheating Spouse

23January, 2019

Is your intuition telling you that your significant other is cheating on you? A private investigator shares several tell-tale signs of a cheating spouse. Check them out to see if you spot these red flags and if it is time to hire a private investigator of your own.

Unusual changes in behaviour

Take note of any subtle but strange shifts in your partner’s typical behaviour. This could be spending longer working hours in the office more frequently or starting to miss important family occasions all of a sudden. With men, a more notable sign of a cheating spouse, according to private investigators with significant experience in infidelity investigation, is if the man becomes more conscious of his appearance. If he starts going to the gym or starts dressing differently from his norm, it means it’s time to pay attention.

Becomes secretive and protective of his/her mobile device

Smartphones and social media networks have taken the game of cheating to a whole new level. While technology has, without a doubt, made it easier for dishonest spouses to cheat, private investigators reveal it has also made it simpler to catch them. They usually leave a trace, from putting a secret password on their mobile device to sending weird messages or even photos of their paramour.

Unexplainable expenses

If you have a shared bank account or have access to your spouse’s statement of accounts and credit card bills, you can check if he or she has unexplainable expenses. This could be a two-night stay at a romantic hotel or a fancy dinner without you or a jewellery purchase that is not for you. A tip from private investigators also includes checking your spouse’s wallet, pockets and bins in your house for helpful clues, such as discarded receipts.

Hire a private investigator

North Court Investigations, a part of the Shield Business Group, have a team of professional private investigators who specialise in matrimonial investigation, infidelity investigation, cohabitation surveillance, corporate surveillance, background checks and more. Schedule an appointment with one of our private investigators in any of our UK offices today. Please contact the North Court Investigations team on 020 3283 8741 or email us at