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Social Media Investigations

22February, 2016

How secure is your social media profile?

Social media platforms are becoming increasingly popular as they make communication between friends and family more accessible. Nowadays, there are so many different platforms available to us all, with three of the most popular being Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. New social media applications have also entered the market, such as Snapchat, Whatsapp, Tumblr, and Linkedin, to name just a few.

With social media’s rise in popularity, it has also unfortunately become easier for individuals to use social media as way of making people’s lives difficult. Private Investigators are often instructed to help with a range of issues that people are experiencing:


Social media investigations


How we can help

North Court Investigations have a team that specialise in helping clients experiencing one or more of the issues listed above. In addition to this, our team also use social media as a standard course of investigation on all cases. We often gather evidence and intelligence from making social media investigations that run alongside other forms of enquiries.

It can be a very time consuming exercise but one that must be done. For example, a Facebook investigation may entail an agent scrolling through someone’s Timeline. This will involve reading updates, reading comments of updates, checking who commented on updates, looking at photos that have been uploaded, checking updates on the photos and the people who have “liked” the photo or comment.

People often check their Facebook or Twitter first thing in the morning and throughout the day, right up until bed time. The amount of information some people put on it is quite simply amazing, the more prolific the updates the easier it can be to gather information. Use this tool to check the security of your social network profile.

Checking the privacy settings on websites such Facebook is a great way of knowing just who is able to see what you are posting. If you haven’t done so already then we would suggest to take a look at your account settings.

All our private investigators are experienced and knowledgeable on the laws and legislation surrounding social media.

For more information about our social media investigations, get in touch with one of our experienced private investigators today, call 0800 567 7006 or contact us online