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The 3 surprising benefits of background checks

29February, 2020

In this modern world with a highly competitive job market, the use of background checks is becoming increasingly common, with companies hiring private investigators to conduct in-depth searches of a potential employee’s past. Yet there are still many companies who do not conduct background checks, leading to future upset further down the line when the new employee does something that damages the business. So what exactly are the benefits of a background check and why should you as a business owner conduct them?

1. Ensure your workspace is safe

When you hire a new employee, you want to ensure you can trust them, and that they won’t harm you, your employees or your business. A background check allows you that peace of mind, with the private investigator combing through your new hire’s past employment history and potential criminal record. A survey done by found that 42% of employers found that background checks allowed them to ensure their workplace was safe and any new employees weren’t dangerous or violent. This survey also found that 16% of employers thought that background checks reduced workplace theft and any workplace violence.

2. Check their qualifications

When hiring a new staff member, one of the most important aspects employers look for is whether their new hire is actually qualified. But how do you check that they’re actually telling the truth on their CV? A background check allows you to actually verify that they have the experience and qualifications they say they do, meaning they will be able to complete their work.

3. Risk check

A background check allows you to know if the new hire has any background of drug abuse, vehicular incidents, or any civil lawsuits. This allows you to create an estimation of what sort of risks they might present to your business, and if they are worth hiring.

A background check is a great way of ensuring peace of mind to you and your employees. For even more peace of mind, it may be a good idea to run a background check in conjunction with a polygraph test and a corporate investigation.