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The truth about vehicle tracking

28November, 2019

If you have been noticing the tell-tale signs of a cheating spouse and want concrete evidence or peace of mind, many suspicious spouses turn to GPS tracking. GPS tracking is becoming more and more common in everyday life, whether it’s for tracking treasured belongings should they be stolen, or using these devices to safeguard toddlers and elderly relatives. Unfortunately, infidelity in marriages is a common issue that can affect anyone, and using vehicle tracking through a respectable private investigator is a helpful way to gather the evidence you need for an infidelity investigation.

How does vehicle tracking work?

These days it is incredibly easy to get hold of a tracking device and install it in a car, handbag or suitcase . GPS tracking devices now come in such small, undetectable sizes that when placed carefully they will be completely unnoticeable. There are a wide range of devices on the market that offer unique properties and features, with accompanying apps and software that will help you or an investigator gather the information you need. With a small magnetic device, there are limitless places you can hide it.

Is vehicle tracking legal in the UK?

You may be wondering, what does the law say about tracking a person without their knowledge? Here in the UK, there is currently no existing right to privacy, and therefore no civil action available to take for breach of privacy. So far, there has been no private citizens taken to court for vehicle tracking on a spouse or child. However, if you are planning on going ahead with vehicle tracking there are certain rights relating to privacy that would stop you from installing tracking devices haphazardly. Going to a private investigator with your concerns is a great way to stay on the right side of the law, and many private investigator agencies offer installing these devices as a service.