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Top 7 reasons to hire a private investigator

22January, 2016

Why should you hire a private investigator?

There are all kinds of reasons why you might hire a private investigator. The only common thread between cases is the fact that our clients are worried or concerned about something. First and foremost, private investigators are there to help you get to the bottom of an issue that you are unable to resolve yourself.

You might find yourself wondering if private investigation is right for you. To help you decide, we have put together our top 7 reasons why to hire a private investigator.

You suspect you’re your partner is being unfaithful.

reasons to hire a private investigator

Have you noticed some changes in their behaviour, such as a sudden change of mood, coming home at different times, buying new clothing or new fragrances? Perhaps they have become attached to their mobile phone or have recently enabled a pincode on the phone?


We understand how distressing mistrust at home can be. Our matrimonial investigation services are specifically tailored to cases of this kind, using a variety of specialist services from surveillance, computer forensics, and specialist detectives in order to uncover and report back to you the truth as quickly as possible.


We received an enquiry from a male client who suspected his wife was talking to other men online and meeting up with them during the day. Find out how we helped this man uncover the truth in our matrimonial investigations case study.


You require the services of professional surveillance operatives.


Would you like your partner put under covert surveillance to monitor where they are going and who they are meeting? Do you suspect a member of staff is stealing company equipment and storing it in a secret location? Has a member of staff been off work with a suspect long-term illness?


By discreetly tracking, following, and surveilling the individual, our private investigators can report back to you on their exact whereabouts, with details of times, places, contacts, and any other details specific to your case.


Read our surveillance case study to get an idea of how we work.

You suspect a bugging device has been installed in your home or office.


Why you should hire a private investigator


Has confidential information been getting into the hands of those that it shouldn’t? Has a competitor installed a covert listening device in your board room? Perhaps your estranged partner wants to know what is being said in your home? Has some covert software been installed on your PC, phone or tablet?


Using expert debugging software and checks we are able to provide a comprehensive examination your premises for bugs and other recording devices, ensuring that your conversations remain confidential, whether you’re at home or in the office.

You have recently met someone online and want to be certain they are genuine.


Would you like to check someone’s identity? Would you like confirmation that someone resides at a certain address? Would like to check someone’s business activities and current/past directorships? Has this person had a history of CCJs or bankruptcy? Are they married or divorced? Do they have children?

Whether business or pleasure, more and more of our relationships are formed online. At North Court Investigations we understand the importance of knowing exactly who you are talking to. Using our wide network of contacts, resources, and computer forensics, we are able to verify that the person you are talking with is who they say they are.

Would you like to know the whereabouts of a vehicle?

vehicle tracking

Do you have a member of staff driving a company vehicle? Do you want to be certain your employee is going where he/she should be going during business hours? Do you have family vehicle and would like to know where it whilst you are away or at work?


It can be difficult to keep track of company vehicles throughout the working day. This is especially true if your business depends on a fleet of vehicles. If you find yourself unable to trust one or more of your drivers, our team can carry out the necessary surveillance and investigation processes to report on their exact whereabouts, wherever they are in the country.


Do you desperately need to trace someone?

Does this person owe you money? Has a family member recently gone missing and you are concerned for their wellbeing? Would you like to locate an old tenant? Were you adopted and would like to trace your biological parents?

Missing person cases are typically sensitive. We appreciate how difficult it can be to approach a third-party to help find someone you love. It can be equally distressing if someone you trusted has disappeared with large sums of your money. In either case, our first priority is to locate the missing person and quickly as possible, drawing from our nationwide network of sources and contacts to trace the movements of your missing person to their current location.

We were contacted by a gentleman in his 90s, living abroad, who wanted to find out the whereabouts of someone in the UK with whom he had not spoken for almost seventy years.

Read our missing person case study to see how we could help you.

You need to know the truth!


North Court Investigations provide professional and expert solutions for all of the above. We have ex-military surveillance operatives, qualified computer forensic officers, experienced electronic engineers, access to the latest covert vehicle trackers, private detectives on standby 24/7, expert trace investigators and specialist background investigators. Most importantly, we understand how important it is to uncover the truth and put your worries to rest.

If you have any concerns at all give North Court Investigations a call for a free, no obligation telephone consultation today. All investigations are confidential and you will be kept updated on progress throughout the investigation.

For one of the UK’s leading private investigation services, call us on 0800 567 7006 or contact North Court Investigations here.