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A Guide To Covert GPS Tracking Devices

13May, 2015

If you’re looking for a way to track a person’s location and movements for surveillance purposes, the most effective approach is to take inspiration from the professionals. GPS tracking devices were originally designed for use in the United States armed forces, such as the Army, Air Force and Navy.

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Military weapon systems often employ GPS (which stands for “Global Positioning System”) to track potential targets either in the air or on the ground, enabling the military to ascertain whether the subject is hostile, and to improve precision in warfare. Of course, GPS tracking can also be very useful for non-violent surveillance and security purposes.

How does GPS tracking work?

The Global Positioning System, or GPS, enables us to pinpoint the location of any object that has a GPS tracker is installed, no matter where the object is in the world. If you’re interested in understanding how the system is able to discover that location, here is the science behind it. There are 24 GPS satellites constantly orbiting Earth. At any one time, a GPS tracker is interacting with four of those satellites.

The distance between the tracker and each of those satellites is measured, by measuring the time it takes to transmit a signal between the device and the satellite.

This makes it possible to calculate the location of the tracking device to a very precise degree. A high quality GPS tracker can measure a location to within just a few metres, which makes GPS the most accurate form of location tracking available.

What is a covert GPS tracking device?

A covert GPS tracker is a black plastic device, which is small and subtle, and can be fitted to any vehicle. It is covert because it can be positioned in a place in the vehicle that is hidden from view. For example, many people choose to fix it under the bonnet or beneath one of the seats, where any driver or passenger who didn’t know it was there wouldn’t tend to look.

These devices are often magnetic, which means it’s very quick and easy to attach or remove from the vehicle. They are also waterproof, so they are suitable for positioning on the outside of the vehicle, and will not be damaged or affected by the rain.



What are these devices used for?

While the original use of the GPS tracking device was for military purposes, it’s now very commonly used by individuals who want to track the location of a vehicle, or the person travelling in the vehicle. If a vehicle is valuable, or contains valuable items, the owner might install a covert GPS tracking device in order to be alerted if the vehicle is damaged or stolen. This gives the owner peace of mind, so they feel that they have a chance to report or prevent a potential theft or vandalism to their property.

Another common use is for surveillance. Covert GPS tracking devices are often used by private investigators.

Surveillance is often necessary when you have suspicions about the behaviour of somebody that you work with, for example a business partner or employee.

This is known as corporate surveillance. A covert tracking device can help you to find out if they are defrauding the company, or meeting with business associates without keeping you informed. Tracking devices are also useful in more personal matters, for example in matrimonial surveillance, such as keeping tabs on a partner who you think may be having an affair.

Once placed in the vehicle in which the person in question is travelling, the device will track their movements, to find out whether the suspicions are correct.

These devices are very useful on those occasions when you would rather be safe than sorry, and while you might feel that tracking an individual is an infringement of their privacy, it’s important to get your facts straight before making accusations that could permanently damage a working or personal relationship.

What are the benefits of using a covert GPS tracking device?

When you use one of these devices, it’s not just the device that stays hidden, but also your suspicions.

It’s an ideal way to monitor an individual without letting them know, and a much safer alternative to personally following them or speaking to people close to them who might provide information. It is also useful if you additionally decide to follow the vehicle, as it’s easy to check its location if you get separated in traffic.

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