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When may you require cohabitation surveillance?

25March, 2020

Cohabitation surveillance can be carried out for multiple reasons. Effective cohabitation surveillance will be able to prove or disprove a certain individual is cohabiting with another. Below we list some of the circumstances where you may require cohabitation surveillance.

1. If you suspect your ex-spouse is living with someone

If your ex-spouse is living with a new partner, you may require pay less maintenance if your separation agreement had a non-habitation clause.

2. You think child custody terms may be breached

If your child custody agreement contained a non-habitation clause, and you suspect your ex-partner is living with someone, you may be able to change the custody rulings and gain more time with your child.

3. As a landlord, you have reason to believe the terms of your property contract are being breached

If you suspect an unnamed tenant has moved into your property, or your property is being illegally sublet, you may wish to arrange cohabitation surveillance to ensure your contract is being followed and have evidence to evict tenants who breach the contract.

A background check is a great way of ensuring peace of mind to you and your employees. For even more peace of mind, it may be a good idea to run a background check in conjunction with a polygraph test and a corporate investigation.

Why is having professional cohabitation surveillance important?

In a court of law, proving cohabitation can only be achieved by solid evidence that has been gathered over a couple of weeks minimum. For this reason, trusting a professional surveillance company is essential to ensure you have the proof you need to make a claim in court.

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