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Who can benefit from our services?


North Court Investigations are industry leaders in providing private investigation services. Our qualified private investigators in Birmingham currently operate throughout the West Midlands area and across the UK. Their extensive knowledge can provide you with concrete evidence for your case.

As leaders in the private investigation sector we handle a range of cases. Our private investigators in Birmingham and West Midlands understand each situation is different and therefore before conducting any investigation services our private investigators will make sure they completely understand your case.


Whether you need to conduct background checks, trace a missing person or trace unpaid debts, our skilled private investigators in Birmingham will handle your case in a discreet and efficient manner at all times. If you suspect your partner is being unfaithful then we can help you discover the truth with our specialist surveillance team who can be deployed at short notice throughout Birmingham and the UK.


You may have suspicions about an employee who has been signed of work, or require some background information on a competitor or potential employee. Here at North Court Investigation we offer a fully comprehensive corporate investigation service.


What to expect


We use a combination of skill, experience and knowledge to gain the best results for our clients. We will always treat each case with the highest level of discretion so you can be certain all details remain private.

You will have a dedicated Case Manager who will provide you with a Case Reference Number and continually keep you updated on any developments to your case. Once we have found the evidence and come to a resolution with your case we will destroy all files and documents related to your case.


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For more information on how our private detectives in Birmingham can help you, call our team on 0800 567 7006. Alternatively, contact us here.

We will explain how we can assist you and also provide details on potential costs involved.

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