Private Investigator Costs Explained

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We understand people will be calling various firms to get an idea of private investigator costs. When doing so make sure you agree the exact amount before instructing them. It’s also a good idea to ask if they belong to any recognised trade association, as we are. You will find that private investigator costs and fees differ massively from company to company, so make sure you are happy with who you want to instruct.


You may find that surveillance fees range from as low as £15 per hour up to £125 per hour. Standard background check fees will be from £150 to to over £1000. Some companies will undertake trace investigations on a ‘no find, no fee’ basis and some will not. Never be afraid to ask a private investigator questions so you fully understand their fee structures and costs. Most importantly make sure that you are comfortable with the company you choose.


One of the first questions prospective clients ask is ‘how much does it cost to hire a private investigator’? This questions is impossible to answer without firstly talking with the client to understand exactly what their issues are and what their objective is.


When we have a clear understanding of all the facts we are then able to give a clear indication on our fees, based on the service required. We always ensure clients fully understand what they will be paying before we accept their instructions.


For example, if a client wants their husband followed we will agree how many hours they want to book and how many operatives. We then offer a set fee for the hours booked, this set fee would include planning of assignment, travel to and from location, active time on the assignment, surveillance vehicles, recording equipment, preparation of report and all communication with client. Most of the time we include mileage within the agreed fee, however if the subject was to travel from Leeds to Portsmouth then we’d have to.


Whether you require surveillance or you want to locate a missing person, or you need a professional computer forensic officer or require a background investigation to take place, North court Investigations clients always know what they will be paying.

North Court Investigations accept the following payment forms:


  • Debit/Credit Cards….Such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Maestro Cards.
  • Cheque – Cleared funds are required before work will commence.
  • Electronic bank transfer.
  • Cash – All cash payments will be receipted.


All quotations given are non committal and we will only proceed when you formally instruct us. As a professional and sympathetic investigation company we feel it is very important for clients to understand exactly how we work, have an understanding on how long the assignment will take and understand how our findings will be reported/presented.


We offer free telephone consultations for this very reason, we also offer face to face consultations whereby clients can visit us at our offices. We do charge a reasonable fee for face to face consultations. Either way, whatever the client chooses we cannot emphasise the importance of ensuring the client understand just who they will be instructing.