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Private Investigator in Leeds


Who can benefit from our services?


North Court Investigations are an established private detective agency operating throughout Leeds and the UK. Our experienced and skilled private investigators in Leeds work on a variety of cases from missing persons and corporate investigations to matrimonial investigations and background checks.


Our private detective services are completely tailored and bespoke to your case and are always based on getting you the tangible evidence and results you need. All of our private investigators in Leeds are experienced in their relevant fields, from the latest debugging and computer forensics training to traditional surveillance and background checks. Whatever your needs, they will work closely with you to reach an outcome.


Our private investigators in Leeds operate across Yorkshire and they are all from the local vicinity. Their familiarity with the local area means they will be able to provide you with the relevant advice to help you reach a conclusion on your case.


What to expect our private investigators in Leeds


You can expect to instruct an established and respected firm of private investigators. North Court Investigations have been operating in Leeds for many years and have a reputation of being one the premier private investigation agencies. With all our findings we will make sure that your case has solid evidence which you can use in the court of law. Any videos or photographs taken will be time-dated and we’ll make sure that every step of your case is handled with the highest level of discretion.


When one of our detectives takes on your case you will be assigned a Case Manager, whose role is to keep you up-to-date with findings from start to finish. You will be given a Reference Number which you will be able to quote when contacting us. Of course, as your case will be completely confidential, once you are happy with the findings we will destroy all the documents.


Call our private investigators in LeedsĀ for a free telephone consultation
For more information on how our private investigators can help you, call our team on 0113 208 9749. Alternatively, contact us here. We will explain how we can assist you and also provide details on potential costs involved.


Confidential face to face consultations


If you would rather meet with one of our private detectives in Leeds, we offer discreet and confidential personal appointments at our offices in Central Leeds. These appointments must be booked in advance and a fee will be payable to secure a personal consultation.

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