Private Investigators in Oxford

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Private Investigators - Oxford

Private Investigators in Oxford


Who can benefit from our services?



North Court Investigations is an experienced and leading private detective company in Oxford and the UK. Our qualified private investigators in Oxford and surrounding areas have the skill, experience and technology to help you track your partner’s movements, assist with corporate matters, track the movement of a vehicle, undertake a background investigation and much more.

We offer a completely bespoke service, based on gaining you the evidence and results you need. Our private investigators in Oxford and team of Oxford process servers specialise in a variety of investigation services, including computer forensics, corporate surveillance, debugging, background checks, matrimonial investigations, surveillance and process serving.

Our private investigators in Oxford have a great knowledge of the Oxfordshire area and are able to provide you with the advice you need to solve your investigation.


What to expect


You can expect to receive a friendly and approachable response from our investigators and clearly understand exactly how we will assist you.


Solid evidence is always used to back-up our findings. All our videos and photographs are time stamped with the date. Confidentiality is hugely important to us and throughout the entire process we will treat your case with the highest level of discretion.

During the case you will be assigned your own Case Manager who will give you a Case Reference Number which you can quote when contacting us. Once you have the findings you need we will destroy all files and documents.


We fully appreciate that contacting a private investigator in Oxford can be a daunting prospect. Picking the phone up and telling a complete stranger about your problems is not something most people feel comfortable about. With this in mind, we have ensured that our investigators in Oxford always take time to make our clients feel comfortable. We never judge, we just listen and then explain how we can help.


Call our private investigators in Oxford for a free telephone consultation


For more information on how our private investigators can help you, call our team on 01865 803426. Alternatively, contact us here. We will then explain how we can assist you and also provide details on potential costs involved.


Would you prefer a face to face consultation?


If so this can be arranged. You can meet with us at our offices located on Oxford Business Park for a relaxed face to face appointment in a secure environment. A fee is payable for a face to face consultation which must be booked in advance of the agreed time and date.

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