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Private Investigators - Portsmouth

Private Investigators in Portsmouth



Who can benefit from our services?

North Court Investigations are a leading private investigation firm operating in Portsmouth and surrounding areas. Our team of highly qualified and experienced private investigators in Portsmouth can help you find answers you need.

Our private investigation services are tailored to each individual case in order to create the most effective results. We handle a wide variety of cases, ranging from computer forensics, corporate investigations, background checks, GPS tracking, matrimonial enquiries, corporate investigations and surveillance.

Our private investigators in Portsmouth can provide the knowledge and resources you need to get solid evidence and results for your case. Our trusted detectives have expert knowledge of the Portsmouth area and will do all that they can to help you reach closure on your case.


  • Have you recently started to worry about whether your partner is cheating on you?
  • Has their behaviour recently altered?
  • Do they go out socialising more often than they used to?

We can help.


  • Are you a business owner with a concerns about long term sick absenteeism?
  • Do you have concerns about one of your fellow directors?
  • Has one of your competitors recently been poaching your clients?

We can help.


  • Are you a law firm who requires the services of trusted process server?
  • Are you a solicitor who has a client that is going through a divorce?

We can help.


What to expect?


You can expect to receive total discretion at all times together with a prompt and efficient service.

We take confidentiality incredibly seriously at North Court Investigations. Throughout your case we will always ensure that all information is treated with the highest level of discretion.

We will provide you with your own Case Reference Number which will be given to you by your Case Manager. We will always keep you up-to-date on what is happening with your case and will always back-up our findings with solid evidence. Once you have this evidence we will destroy all files and documents so you can be certain your case remains private.

Call our private investigators in Portsmouth for a free telephone consultation

For more information on how our private investigators can help you, call our team in Portsmouth on 023 9240 1878. Alternatively, contact us here. We will explain how we can assist you and also provide details on potential costs involved.


Would you prefer to meet with us?

This can be arranged. You are welcome to book a discreet face to face meeting in a our relaxed and secure offices in Portsmouth. These appointments must be pre booked and a fee will be payable to secure this time with one of experts.

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