Private Investigator Services

Private Investigator Services

Deciding to contact an investigation company is usually a last resort and can be a very emotional time. We totally understand that most people have never thought about contacting a private investigator, let alone picking up the phone and discussing confidential personal or business issues with a stranger.


We have years of experience with handling such cases, we ensure that you feel comfortable talking with our private investigators, after which they will explain in detail how we can help.


If you are private individual, business owner or law firm you can be certain that our extensive range of services will be of benefit. Our services range from but are not limited to:



We offer 100% confidentiality so no matter what service you require no one other than you and our team will know you have instructed us.


Contact us anytime of the day or night on 0800 567 7006 or email us at Alternatively you can call one of our local offices.