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The Wife of Bryan – Part 1

06June, 2016

The wife of Bryan – Part 1


My name is Bryan, I’m 47 years old and married to the love of my life Michelle for 15 years. We have two children, Josh who is 8 and Chloe who is 5. I run my own company from offices in central London.


I met my wife on a night out with friends, we were in a bar and I noticed her talking with a friend. I plucked up the courage and asked if she wanted a drink, to my surprise she accepted and we never looked back after that.


The evening we met was in 6th June 1997, I will never forget it, not only because it is when I first set eyes on Michelle but it was boiling hot. I was wearing shorts, a polo top and flip flops. Michelle was wearing a skirt and white blouse, I’ll always remember what she was wearing because she looked stunning!!


As the years went by we got engaged, I set up my company and Michelle had a job at a company just off the Kings Road in Chelsea, which she really enjoyed. We purposefully didn’t rush into getting married as we both wanted to be sure it was the right thing to do. In June 2000, actually on the anniversary of when we met, we set a date to get married, the date being 6th June 2001. We were both so happy!


On the day of the wedding the weather was exactly the same as it was on the day we met, we got married in a little church in the village where we lived. It was the most perfect day.


Time skipped on, we had Josh and Chloe, my business went from strength to strength and Michelle was doing well at the company where she worked. Life was really good, brilliant in fact!


In September 2015 Michelle started doing a lot of overtime at work, she told me that her boss had to sack another member of staff, so she had to do extra hours, until they’d found someone who would fit in. No problem I thought, she was actually earning more commissions on sales, so things carried on like this for quite a while.


A few weeks after she told me about her colleague getting the sack I started to notice she was going to the hairdressers more frequently and had started to get her nails done and was buying more and more new clothes She had always liked getting her hair nicely done but she had never paid to get her nails done. When I asked her why she had started doing this, she innocently explained that her friend at work had mentioned she should get them done.


The wife of Bryan picture


No big problem I thought, so I put it to the back of mind and we carried on. Christmas and New Year had come and gone, she was still doing quite a lot of extra hours and her hair and nails were still immaculate.


About a week or so before our wedding anniversary Michelle didn’t get home from work until gone 10pm, she had called me earlier to say she’d be late, but I wasn’t expecting her to be that late. After I put Josh and Chloe to bed at around 8.30pm I tried to call her on her mobile, it went straight to answer phone. I left a message and sent various text messages to see if she was ok and to find out when she was coming home.


Just after 10.10pm I heard a taxi pull up outside, I could hear her at the door, fumbling in her handbag for the key. She fell through the door on to floor and as she hit the floor the contents of her bag flew out. Lip sticks, blushers, a hair brush, her phone and all the usual stuff you’d expect to find in a lady’s hand bag.


After I helped her up I sat her down and made a cup of coffee, she apologised for being late and after a few sips of her coffee she went to bed. As she went to bed she left her handbag on the kitchen table, I could see the edge of her iPhone 6 sticking out amongst the lip sticks and hair brush.


I don’t know why but I took her phone from the bag, I’d never looked at her phone without her permission, it was turned on and the screen saver had a picture of the children.


I knew the pass code because its the same code as the iPad which the children use. I put the code in…… 0 6 9 7. The phone just buzzed at me, I put it in again 0 6 9 7, nothing happened, just another buzz. I put the phone back in her bag and went to bed.


I just couldn’t sleep, things were playing on my mind, like, how many months has she been working these extra hour, her nails and hair are always spotless, has her behaviour toward me changed, why do we not have sex as often as we used too, why has she changed the pass code to her mobile phone, she always uses the code, 0 6 9 7, it’s the month and year we’d met!!


I lay in bed, Michelle next to me out for the count, so I picked up my phone and I have no idea why but I found myself typing into Google ‘private investigator London’. Wow, so many companies came up on my screen, I never imagined so many private investigators were in London.


At random I clicked on one, it went to a website to a respectable looking company. I could see straight away that this company helped people in my situation. The company had several offices in the UK and thankfully one in London. I cleared my history on the phone, put it on my bedside cabinet and managed to get a few hours sleep.


The following morning Michelle got up and had showered, looking slightly hung over. We laughed it off and I left for work, Michelle had booked the day off to take Josh to the dentist later that morning.


I got to my office and looked that company up again on my iMac, I dialled the London number and it was answered by a female. I had no idea what to say so I just blurted out ‘I think my wife is having an affair, I’ve never done anything like this before’. The lady asked for my name and told me that most people had never spoke to a private investigator so it’s nothing to worry about.


I was put through to man who was very calming and appeared to understand how I was feeling. He asked me why I suspected my wife of having an affair, I told him everything that had gone on during the past few months.




He suggested that surveillance would be the best course of action, to follow her on the evenings she works late and perhaps when she has a ‘girls night out’. We discussed the costs and how the procedure of booking a private investigator works. After listening to how it all works I decided to book two surveillance agents because I was really concerned that she would become suspicious. I was advised that using two agents helps reduce the risk of losing who they are following and also helps them blend into a crowd much easier.


I needed time to think, could I really have two men who I didn’t know follow my wife? Was this the right thing to do? Am I just being paranoid?


I slept on it for the night and the following morning when I got to the office I called the private detectives and booked in the surveillance. I chose three evenings during the week when she usually works late, Tuesday Wednesday & Thursday. She never works three nights in a row but its always been at least one of these nights.


I booked the surveillance on the Friday so I had to wait for what seemed like ages until it would start. During the weekend I emailed the private investigator who was my Case Manger, pictures of my wife, the name of the company she works for, the name of her boss and some of her colleagues names. I also included details of the pubs she likes to drink in at lunch time etc. That weekend and during the Monday I don’t think I have been so nervous in my whole life. I just couldn’t get my head around the fact that I was going to get my wife followed…actually followed!


However, after 15 years of marriage, of which I thought was as happy as any marriage could ever be. I kept thinking of Josh and Chloe, was their Mummy really having an affair, was she actually sleeping with another man? I NEED TO KNOW!!



So the Tuesday was finally here, I had booked the private investigators from 3 in the afternoon, they were waiting outside the office where she works. My case Manager was going to update me as and when anything suspicious happened, my mobile phone was glued to my side. I left my office at 4pm, I just couldn’t concentrate on work, I was home by 5pm. As I got home the children were playing in the living room, which didn’t seem to happen that often, but it was lovely to see. I told Claire she could go home, we employed Claire to pick up the kids from school and to give them dinner etc. Michelle and I always made sure that one of us was home before 7pm, it wasn’t cheap employing Claire!



At 5.15pm I had a text come through on my phone it simply read ‘Subject has left work on foot, with another female’. Oh my god, its happening, I am actually having my wife followed. I just kept thinking of what the private detective had said to me from the start……’you deserve to know what is happening’.


Another text came through at 5.35pm……’Subject entered Slone Square Underground with same female’


This is the route she take when coming home, I would expect her to be home within the next half an hour. Text message kept coming through from my Case Manager updating me of movements. She came home after saying goodbye to her colleague whilst on the underground.


When she came home I acted normal, well as normal as was possible. The weather was lovely so we had a BBQ in the garden, whilst in the garden I dropped into conversation ‘are you working late tomorrow, if not I thought we might ask Claire to work late and we could meet up and have dinner after work’? ‘Sorry Bryan I will be working late, something cropped up this afternoon that will need sorting out’.


We carried on chatting, had the bbq and put the kids to bed, once again I was so nervous about tomorrow. Knowing she was working late was very daunting, was I finally going to find out what is going on?


3.20pm the following day my phone vibrated, it was text, it read…..’Subject left office with a male on foot’. I started sweating, I instantly felt sick!


3.23pm my phone vibrated, this time a picture came through, it was my wife walking with her boss. They were not holding hands, that’s a good sign….right?


3.35pm my phone goes again, it says…….’Subject and male enter hotel just off Fulham Road. Currently having champagne at the bar’ This is followed by a picture of them drinking at the bar.


Oh my god……why is she sipping champagne with her boss, she doesn’t even like champagne, we didn’t have it our wedding!


3.50pm another text……… ‘Subject and male have left the bar, male was carrying the champagne, whilst holding hands with the Subject and stroking the back of her neck’………’Subject and male both seen entering room 512 giggling and very flirtatious.


I purposefully told the private investigators during our initial consultation not to tell me where she goes, if she is seen with someone. I wouldn’t trust myself not to go there and kick up a fuss.


6.45pm I’m home, Claire has left and I’m cooking the children homemade fish fingers, with sweet potato chips and peas. Phone goes………’Subject and male enter hotel reception from lift. The male briefly talks with someone at receptions, shakes his hand and leaves with the Subject. Outside on the street they briefly kiss and walk in separate directions’


That’s it then, my wife has just slept with another man, why would she drink champagne with him, why would they hold hands, why would he stroke the back of her neck, why would they enter the same hotel room and why would they kiss??? It’s obvious they are having an affair and probably have been for months!


Michelle comes home that evening, I can hardly look her in the face but I act normal. I want tomorrow’s surveillance to go ahead and I want my report from the private investigators, which will include lots more photos, before I confront her. She’s acting like nothing has happened, how can she do this to me?……how can she do this to the children?


On the Wednesday she came home straight after work, she wasn’t seen with her boss……you know, that man she is sleeping with! As she walked through the door she was smiling, said ‘Hi’ and gave the kids a cuddle. Josh and Chloe had already had their dinner, and at 8.30pm they went to bed.


I poured Michelle a glass of Malbec, we were sat in the kitchen and I said to her….’can I ask you something’?, she replies ‘sure darling what is it’? I take a deep breath and calmly ask ‘what were you doing at that Hotel on Tuesday afternoon with your boss, drinking champagne, and going into the same room together’?


Her face freezes, she stutters and says ‘what are you on about, don’t be silly’. I simply tell her not to deny it, I then show her the pictures that the private investigator had sent me. She could no longer deny it, she came clean, she told me everything.


I was devastated.


The following day I received an email from the private investigators in London, attached to it was the full report and loads more pictures of my wife with this other man.


I am devastated.


At least I now know the truth, how long would this have gone on for before I would have found out, would I have ever found out? Hiring a private investigator wasn’t fun, it wasn’t a luxury purchase, it was a necessary purchase. I had to find out what my wife was doing, I deserve to know the truth.


What do I do now, I need time to think, I then realise what the date is, its 6th June 2016. Our 15th Wedding Anniversary.


………To Be Continued