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American Idol Star Employs Private Investigators

14September, 2009

Last Years American Idol finalist, Adam Lambert, is alleged to have hired a firm of private investigators to help find and identify an over obsessed fan of the pop star who is believed to have hacked into the stars voicemail system and also some of his email accounts. Lambert is reported to be angry that the stalker has gained access to his private details and also his entire contact list.

Those close to Lambert say the stalker calls himself Jose and  clearly shows an obsession for Lambert who still into his first year of becoming a public figure. Reports in the American press go onto to claim that the stalker has a female accomplice who actually passes herself off as Lambert’ PA.

All this comes just a month after Lambert was hurriedly taken away from a convert in Tampa after reports that an armed and dangerous girl was stalking him at the gig.

The team of private investigators are reportedly well into their investigations to try and track down the stalker and his female accomplice and detectives will also be looking closely into the allegations being made.