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Employee Surveillance

11May, 2011

If you are an employer who has issues with staff then you may wish to consider using a firm of private investigators to help. One of the most common instructions private investigation companies receive is to undertake employee surveillance on someone who has been signed of work for substantial period of time. It could all be quite legitimate and the person in question is really in need of the time off work, however there is always the possibility that you, as the employer, are being treated unfairly and this is costing you money.

Some of the most used excuses for long term sickness are backache, whiplash, depression and stress.  You may find it very interesting to know that your employee may well be working elsewhere whislt he/she is signed off from your company. You can then ask the question, ‘if you are well enough to work for someone else then why have you signed of sick from your full time job’.

Alternatively someone who may be suffering with a bad back or neck injury and has been signed off, should be at home taking it easy and trying to get better as quickly as possible. They shouldn’t be seen playing football at the weekend, playing as a striker and scoring 2 goals and seen celebrating in style with his team mates after each goal is scored, all of which is filmed and then presented to the client by a highly trained private investigator.

North Court Investigations work with many companies across the UK and help them with issues regarding long term sickness, if you are an employer and suspect you may have someone who requires surveillance then give us a call today.

We provide all clients our employee surveillance reports which include fully time and date stamped video and photographic evidence together with a full written report detailing all the movements the person.