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How much does it cost to catch a cheating spouse?

10May, 2019

Are you worried your partner is cheating on you? Are they being secretive, getting home late and hiding texts? If you do have suspicions then how can you gain proof? One way is by hiring a private investigator who can carry out a range of services including surveillance and vehicle tracking. Below we explain in more detail about what’s involved in infidelity investigations, and how much it costs to catch a cheating spouse.

How much will it cost to catch a cheating spouse?

This is a difficult question to answer, as every case is different and will involve a range of different services. It is always best to discuss with your chosen private investigator exactly how long you want them to work on your case so that they can construct a bespoke package and a price. If it is relatively easy to catch your spouse, you can expect the fees to be minimal, but if they are clever at covering their tracks or your investigation requires more cutting-edge methods, the costs can be higher.

The importance of surveillance

At the heart of every infidelity investigation is surveillance. You decide how long you want this to be maintained, you also need to decide what type of information you require, be it video, audio or images. This is the hard evidence that you need to prove in a court of law that your partner has been cheating.

Vehicle tracking

Another huge part of any infidelity investigation is vehicle tracking, as this can prove exactly where your spouse has been and who they have been with. They may have told you that they have a work conference, when in fact they have planned a romantic liaison. Once again, technology is used to gather information to prove infidelity.

To find out more about our range of infidelity investigation services, then please do get in touch with us today.