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Jackson Family Employ Private Detectives

08August, 2009

The parents of Michael Jackson are reported to be hiring private detectives to look into and investigate the untimely death of their son.

Both Katherine and Joe Jackson are totally convinced their son died as a result of foul play and are now so desperate to get more information they are not waiting for the authorities to report back on their findings and have hired private investigators to carry out investigation to find answers and are also considering wrongful death lawsuits if the information they find points to any individual or party.

Joe and Katherine are also set to examine Michael’s business contract with AEG, the concert promoters behind his fifty evening occupation tour at London’s prestigious O2 arena. Following recent reports and stories both are also now convinced he was in fact not fit enough or indeed wanted to do all the shows he was scheduled to do.

An inside source close to the Jackson family has stated that Joe Jackson is completely obsessed by the fact he believes Michael’s contract was only agreed on the ten gig basis and he was unduly pressured into agreeing to the massive increase to fifty nights.

TheĀ private detectives employed by the Jackson family are set to examine all the circumstances and evidence surrounding the super stars death from a suspected heart attack at his Los Angeles home.