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Jailed Private Eye Facing More Charges

18August, 2009

A former high profile Hollywood private eye Anthony Pellicano who is already serving a fifteen year jail sentence for illegal phone tapping is now facing more charges that could lengthen his time in jail.

Pellicano was born in 1944 also served time in jail for the illegal possession of firearms, explosives and home made grenades making him one of Americas most notorious private eyes, for very much the wrong reasons.

US Prosecutors allege that Pellicano hired another man to intimidate a former Times reporter Anita Busch, literally causing her to fear for her life. The private eye allegedly ordered Alexander Proctor to intimidate Busch by carrying out certain antic such as placing a dead fish with a rose in its mouth on her car wind screen.

At the time back in 2002 it is believed that Busch was reporting extensively on the financial troubles of one of the private eyes business clients, Michael Ovitz, a well known Hollywood agent. Pellicano and Proctor are now set to stand trial on felony charges in the US.