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Private Detective for Kerchers Killer

09September, 2009

The man convicted of murdering young British woman Meredith Kercher has now taken steps to hire a private detective in a bid to clear his name of the conviction.

Rudy Guede, 22, originally from the Ivory Coast was given 30 years imprisonment for killing the Coulsdon student in the well publicised case in Perugia, Italy.

The original investigation centred around three suspects but to date on Guede has been convicted in one of Italy’s fast track trial cases which took place last October behind closed doors.

Miss Kercher’s housemate Amanda Knox and Miss Knox’s ex-boyfriend Rafale Sollecito are currently standing trial for the murder which is still grabbing the news headlines across the globe.

Miss Knox who is an American student, and her boyfriend Mr Sollecito both deny they had any involved in the savage murder, claiming they simply spent the night in Mr Sollecito’s flat in Perugia when the murder occurred, returning home to find Kercher dead with her throat cut. Prosecutors however state the DNA evidence at the scene links the couple to the killing.

The court in Perugia was given evidence that Miss Knox’s DNA was present around the handle of a kitchen knife, being linked as the possible murder weapon, while Miss Kercher’s DNA was on the tip of the blade.

The prosecution claim Knox who is still only 21, and boyfriend Mr Sollecito, 25, killed the Leeds University student with the help of Guede who has been classified as drifting traveller.

Mr Guede is now claiming his innocence of the matter and has hired a private investigator Franco Ponzi, of Ponzi Group Investigation to help clear his name of the murder but the private detectives will have to move fast as an appeal hearing has been set for November 18.

The court in Perugia was told Miss Knox’s DNA was found on the handle of a kitchen knife, a possible murder weapon, while Miss Kercher’s DNA was on the tip.

The murder trial is currently adjourned for the summer and is expected to finish by the end of the year.