Video Enhancement

Video Enhancement


Video Enhancement

CCTV security systems form an integral part of domestic and commercial security. CCTV cameras perform two main security functions: deterrence and monitoring.

In the first case, the presence of CCTV cameras around a property increases the likelihood of criminal activity being recorded, making a property less appealing to potential criminals.

Should a criminal proceed to interfere with your property, the benefits of security cameras becomes twofold; criminal activity recorded on camera can be used for detection purposes, and as evidence in court. This is where video enhancement is so useful.

What is video enhancement?

Video enhancement is the process of enlarging, circling, highlighting or otherwise increasing the clarity of CCTV footage in order to emphasise or make clearer certain elements of the footage.

For the purposes of identifying criminals, footage of criminals’ facial features can be enhanced for better profiling and criminal identification. Similarly, details like clothing, tattoos, number plates and other identifying elements can be made clearer.

In addition to identification, video enhancement can increase the impact of court cases and other legal action in the event the criminal is caught. Clear video footage of criminal activity is objective evidence, with strong legal repercussions.

CCTV security systems are an excellent way of securing your property. North Court Investigations is proud to offer video enhancement services, for clearer criminal identification, stronger prosecution and long-lasting peace of mind.

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